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We are a group of health-through-lifestyle advocates with degrees in Naturapathic Medicine, Nutrition, Food Technology, Family Medicine, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and Pharmacy.

Our history

We started over 30 years ago using combinations of ingredients to address memory, mental energy and cognition as well as physical performance without any banned or restricted products. 

Our mission

Is to provide an array of Natraceutical products to enhance the human experience. These products are non-GMO containing, gluten free, no artificial colorants and use natural flavoring with stivia.  The unique delivery system uses Liposomal technology to enhance absorption.  

The sale of these products help to run the Millennium-Warrior Angels Foundation TBI project supporting our Veterans with symptomatic traumatic brain injury (sTBI).

NOTE: Do not leave any messages here about your medical condition relative to TBI. Please go to www.TBImedlegal.com



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DynaTropin contains a proprietary blend of amino acids, mucopa, and GABA all in a liposomal matrix to increase your own production of Growth Hormone. 

For A Clear Mind & Energy


CME was engineered to replace the 3 top selling energy products presently on the market.  We just do it better without caffeine and it only takes 1 teaspoon upon arising, swish in mouth for 30 sec. then swallow.  24 servings size. 

Brain Care II (BC2)


 Inflammation is the direct response to any form of head or body trauma. Over time, this chronic inflammatory processes causes the symptoms associated with Concussion, CTE, Mood and Personality disorders. Controlling the inflammation is the key.  

B is for Brain (B4B)


Almost 8 years ago we started working with CoQ10, PQQ, B1, B2, B6 and B12 in our Veterans with blast trauma associated with poor memory, fogginess, irritability, and insomnia.  In 2020, we will launch this new liposomal product.

CME - BC2 Program

In May 2019, we introduced Brain Care II and started a project with active military giving them only

In May 2019, a project started with active military that were symptomatic after multiple blast trauma injuries. Within 90 days on this program they reported a significant reduction or abatement of their symptoms. Click the image above to learn more.

Warrior Angels Foundation News


Andrew and Adam Marr's book - Tales from the Blast Factory has been made into a documentary movie by 2x EMMY award winning Producer/Director Jerri Sher.   

SEE Trailer

Clear Mind & Energy Testimonials


“I just had to drop you a line and say that the CME supplement is nothing short of amazing!!  I've used it for 4 days and have definitely noticed an advantage and the great thing is how subtle it is, good energy with no jitters or crash.  Outstanding job!  This will be a product that can easily be pitched at the race track”   T. Woods. CEO Warriors on Track


"This stuff is amazing - CME!  I work a graveyard shift and taking this before I leave allows me to not only power through the rough hours in the early morning, but keeps me as sharp in hour nine as I was in hour one.  Plus there are no jitters or side effects like after an energy drink.  Keep up the good work!!”  Jim S.


"Prior to CME  I was  waking up foggy. Caffeine would perk me up it also made me jittery. CME gave me an immediate positive response clearing the hazy morning cloud and replaced it with energy and focus.  I have better concentration and am more efficient at work.  The need to drink coffee in the morning is gone. Bentley R.

Non-Jittery CME

“I have been using CME now for over 3 months. I can say that it really delivers.  I find a very nice "non-jittery" lift in energy and a noticeable increase in focus.  What I really like is that it doesn't hit you like a brick, but seems to slowly grow, and really hangs in there for a good 5-6 hours. I really enjoy the effects much more than the cheap, toxic, sugary energy drinks on the mass market.” Dr. K Wagner

Improve your Work-Outs

You don't notice CME working until you realize you haven't had an afternoon lull. Because it didn't make me feel jittery or wired, the first time I tried CME, I forgot I had taken it. It wasn't until later that evening I noticed I had powered through my day, had an awesome afternoon workout, and felt amazing!" B. Unwalla (Veteran)

Peak Performance

“I have been using CME for the past three months and have noticed an incredible difference in my focus, concentration and energy levels.  Since using CME I have gone from 5 cups of coffee a day to 2.  I am less distracted at work and my performance has increased. I am sold on CME!”  K Flike. (Veteran)   

One teaspoon upon arising, swished in your mouth for 30sec then swollowed. 

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More Testimonials for CME


HOLY HELL DOC! I feel amazing! I started CME today but WOW... I feel like if this keeps up... I could easily go back to Med School and finish! I have my mental energy back without the jitters and muscle spasms that coffee causes in my neck making me have blinding headaches... Wow Wow Wow. Thank you Sir. J Mac

Software Engineer

Awesome stuff. 30% more effective in stimulating thought and clarity in the same conditions but lasts all day long. I take right before working out and when endorphins begin to kick in I get maximal effect. Unanticipated positive consequences are huge decrease in coffee consumption and increase on mood ( much nicer? ).


WOW!! Every new day I seem to be feeling better and better. I've stop







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for a Clear Mind & Energy


DynaTropin Testimonials

Muscle Definition

Since starting DynaTropin 6 months ago I am sleeping better and waking up more refreshed. When I do my exercise, I find that I have more energy and I recovery from the workout faster. As a woman, I do not want bulky muscles so I was concerned when my trainer commented that my muscles were more defined. Thank you for a great product.  Monica T.

Improved Recovery

“Dynatropin has definitely improved my recovery time after running and working out. Cheers”, Jake R. CEO, Venice Consulting Group.

Awake Refreshed

"I want to express my thanks to you for your help in my recovery with my mTBI. I have used Dynatropin for the last several months and has taken me from being flat out tired upon waking, to feeling refreshed again. My physical fatigue has greatly diminished and my skin is starting to look better as well.  I can't thank you enough and I look forward to more healing in the months to come!" Kim L. Connecticut

Improved Cognition

"Since taking DynaTropin I have gained energy, cognitive reasoning and am sleeping better. My skin, nails and hair are healthier. I started this regemen 6-months ago following a 33-year career in the DoD." Joe B (Veteran)

A Professional Trainer

"Thanks for formulating Dynatropin; I absolutely love it, and cannot express how much it has helped me get my sleep back on track, especially on hard training days and while simultaneously working on new business projects. I was getting into a bit of a mental and creative funk for a while. I've seen significant improvements. Thanks, again." Sincere H.

Flatter Abdomen

"After 3  months on Dynatropin aside from improved sleep, I noticed better workouts at the gym and then a subtle loss of my love handles. Now at 6 months, I am lifting 50% stronger and the love handles are a thing of the past.  Thanks DHPUSA for a great product and what you do for us Veterans."  J. Mellon 

What is DynaTropin©

Originally Physicians Only

DynaTropin© is the only oral, non-prescription, growth hormone secretagogue (GH stimulator) that has been distributed exclusively by physicians since 2006. Therefore, Physicians have validated the ability of DynaTropin© to increase GH production while you sleep. 

What it does.

It has been shown to increase the production and release of your own Growth Hormone by up to 650%. DynaTropin’s  all natural active ingredients are blended in a liposomal solution which enhances the absorption and delivery of the product’s ingredients and therefore effects. 

Consummer Availability

  DynaTropin© is now available for purchase by consumers after years of use and documented benefits as observed by healthcare providers in both national and international medical communities.  

Cost Effective Option

 Injectable human Growth Hormone requires lab testing before you can receive a prescription from your physician.  Many times, even with the testing, the insurance companies will not pay the $500 - $600 a month. DynaTropin© is substantially more cost-effective and taken by mouth and not injection.     

Published Benefits of GH

The medical literature reports GH benefits as  including: fat loss, improved mental health, improved thyroid hormone production, improved Vitamin D, reduction of inflammation, reduced homocysteine, reduced blood sugar, improved wound healing, improved muscle production, improved bone density.

Ordering DynaTropin

Dosing: 2 Sprays into the mouth at bedtime as a starting dose. May increase based upon blood work for IGF-1 and IGFBP-3.

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Brain Care II


After 15 years of working with a group of naturalceuticals products, that have already gone through research assessment on down-regulation of inflammation, we have our new composition of the best of the six neutraceutical.

Clinical Testing

The medical literature is filling with articles relating inflammation of the brain with a broad list of clinical symptoms and a number of psychiatric illnesses.

Medical Article I


Medical Article II



DHA, Tocopherol, EGCG, NAC, Quercetin,  Ascorbate Palmitate in a liposomal delivery solution. 

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Brain Care II will be available on Monday April 22, 2019. Each bottle (150cc) is $75.00.  A Special Launch Price of $99.00 for two bottles while supplies last.      

One teaspoon before breakfast and one before dinner for 2 weeks then one teaspoon before breakfast or as directed by your healthcare provider.

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Brain Care II Data Sheet

Brain Care II Data Sheet 2019 (pdf)


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